Cost: $84
June 18 – July 23 (6 weekly deliveries, exact start/end date may shift by a week)

Our flower share consists of beautiful, organically grown, fresh cut flowers.  Some weeks you’ll receive arrangements made from a variety of flowers, other weeks you’ll have large bunches of a single variety to choose from. Ted’s wife Jan grows more than thirty varieties of cut flowers, selecting them for their beautiful colors, fragrance, and long-lasting qualities.

Your first bouquets might have spice-scented stock, campanula (a beautiful deep blue, bell-shaped flower) and Bells of Ireland, with its wonderful light green foliage. Next, you might receive sweet peas, snapdragon spikes, godetia, sweet William, lavatera, larkspur and brightly colored Asiatic lilies. In the heat of the summer, your distributions will include China asters, rose-like lisianthus, sunflowers, rudbeckia, dahlia-flowered zinnias and celosia.

Colorful flower bouquet

Windflower Farm flower shares are extraordinary.

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