À la Carte

Year-round, we offer an array of pasture-raised meats and poultry, fresh eggs, bread, grass-fed butter, yogurt, artisan cheese from sheep, goat or cows’ milk (including aged raw milk cheeses). Also on offer are local and naturally made pantry staples such as granola, fresh stone-ground organic flour, dried organic beans and grains, natural jams and chutneys, natural sweeteners, locally roasted organic coffee, sugar-free apple sauces, and more. For Thanksgiving, turkeys are available!

These items are available to our members throughout the season on a “pay-as-you-go” basis, unlike our standard weekly/monthly shares (which are ordered and paid for ahead of time to cover a season-long share). À la carte extras can be ordered at any time and are available for pick-up up at distribution along with the rest of your goodies.

Info on how to order can be found here.

The Stanton Street CSA is partnered with a collective of farmers spearheaded by Nancy and Alan at Lewis Waite Farm. These farmers strive to connect small farms and producers to consumers within the region. They practice rotational grazing which encourages livestock and poultry to graze pastures efficiently and sustainably. All animals are raised with humane loving care with as few additives in their feed as possible, improving the health and well-being of both the animals, ourselves, and the planet. All efforts are taken to minimize stress at slaughter time by processing the meats in nearby USDA-inspected plants, and most products never leave the farm until they are ready to be delivered to us in the garden. Consequently the products are processed fresher, spend less time in storage, and are shipped shorter distances than those available in typical markets throughout the city.

The à la carte extras program offers a single platform for shoppers to gain access to a wide variety of farm fresh, all natural, artisanal, and organic products. All of the partners in this program are small, family-run operations. If you have questions, we can ask the person who grew or made your food. Our producers take great pride in their products, and we take pride in offering them to you.

Many of our core CSA members (those of us who volunteer our time to run the Stanton Street CSA) have visited the farms we’re partnered with, and have seen with our own eyes how humanely and lovingly the animals there are treated. We get periodic emails from the farmers updating us on the latest at the farm, and filling us in on the antics of the animals–often with photos attached! These are good people, running ethical operations.

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