The Stanton Street Harvest

Hi, returning and new members of our soon to start summer 2015 season! Throughout the next 22 weeks, you will be receiving  our weekly newsletter The Stanton Street Harvest in your email inbox.

It’ll include recipes, work shift reminders, random food-related tidbits, and everyone’s favorite column, a letter from farmer Ted. He writes updates on the progress of the growing season, as well as personal musings on life up at Windflower Farm surrounded by his family, friends, and adoring staff (he’s too modest to admit that his staff idolizes him but it’s true!)–here’s a sneak peek of some selections from this week’s letter from Ted:

Spring greetings from Windflower Farm. We are very pleased you have decided to join our CSA for the 2015 season.

This week on the farm, we will finish planting our sweet potato and winter squash crops, we’ll sow cauliflower, we’ll trellis a greenhouse full of tomatoes, we’ll weed lettuces and carrots and beets, and we’ll work on the fencing in our back fields where deer have come in to graze on their favorite crops – red beet tops and green Romaine lettuces.

Jan made vegetable wraps for dinner last night. Hers contained sweet potato, onion, quinoa and sautéed kale, and she made the wrappers out of lightly steamed choy greens. If not steamed too much, the more mature greens hold up well to beans and rice and tender meat fillings.

The weather here has been cool and, until recently, very dry, which has set the harvest clock back by two to three weeks. Good things will come soon. In the meantime, enjoy a salad!

You’re welcome to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time of course, but most members find it worth a read and we hope you do too.


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