Piggie news and more from upstate!

Here’s the latest news and a really cute photo from Lewis Waite Farm (the cool people who orchestrate our a la carte extras orders):


We have way fewer outside chores these days. The animals must be fed each day, as the cows have eaten all the grass that is in the pastures and are eating hay each day brought to them via tractor. The pigs have built a great hay nest where they sleep all in a steaming pig pile heap on a cold morning. They are still venturing out into their pasture but are sleeping all cozy more often. The ground is beginning to freeze (luckily I did get my garlic planted just in time) and the pond has ice on it now.  A slight snowfall this week turned the cold corners white too.  Hopefully the sun can melt away the evidence that winter is coming fast. In the meantime, the wood stove is warm and the sun has been shining more often this November.  This is the time of year for lots of reading and movies after dark.

We hope your holidays are bright and warm with the company of friends and family, the fun of celebration and giving, and gratitude for all that we have.

Up here in the faraway reaches we hear little about the struggles of the NY City and New Jersey families that were terribly affected by the storm. We hope everyone has a place to live by now, but the sheer number of devastated homes was daunting. We fervently hope that FEMA and the other agencies involved in the crisis can get it together and can make things happen way faster to ensure everyone is warm and sheltered this holiday season.

Nancy and Alan

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