week 1

Finally, the season has begun!!! So great to see all of your faces in the garden today!

We’ll be posting the share contents here every week, along with a smattering of recipes and how-to advice (linked below). So if you ever get home and realize you’ve totally forgotten the name of that weirdly shaped thing in your tote and now you have no idea how to look up a recipe–head on over to this blog.

Hopefully everybody got a copy of our first newsletter of the season (which will from here on in be emailed out as a pdf) and a fridge magnet. We have more magnets so ask us next week if you’d like another one!

Also, for anyone worried that this week’s take home is looking piddlier than you’d hoped, fear not. The share size always starts off smaller, but things will ramp up soon.

What a great first distribution, guys! What’s everyone going to be making out of this week’s share?

romaine lettuce
snow peas
arugula or a mix of tokyo bekana + mizuna + komatsuna
garlic scapes
red russian kale or joi choi or fordhook chard
cilantro or cilantro + chives + lemon basil (to pot)


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