We have geese for you

From Bob & Mary, the same couple who bring us our eggs year-round, we have geese! For 12/17 delivery, orders must be placed by 12/14. Click here for the order form (current winter members and summer 2011 members only), and read below for a note from Mary.

Dear Stanton Street CSA Members,

Bob and I raised an even larger gaggle of heritage breed geese this year, because we sold the 90-some last year in short order.

We tried a new hatchery which specializes in waterfowl for the day-old goslings http://www.metzerfarms.com/, and have been pleased with their hardiness and growth. They’re Toulouse (the big gray ones with white underneath) and American Buff (a little smaller, but with similar plumage except tan and beige where the Toulouse has gray).

Geese are natural grazers, so we keep them on pasture once they no longer need shelter, or until at least November, unless there’s snow on the ground. These days, they can go into the barn, but do go outside to graze. They also eat whole shelled corn, and some premixed grower feed.

Thanks very much, Mary @ Elihu Farm

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