No flooding at Windflower Farm

photo from putneypics via Just Food

Unlike many unlucky farms in the region (see pic above), Windflower Farm was mostly spared during Tropical Storm Irene and its aftermath–the farm sits on top of a hill so even though things are muddy, there has been no flooding. We’re so relieved and thankful that Ted and Jan and the boys are ok. For Ted’s detailed report, download this week’s newsletter.

Also, it looks like most of the farms that are part of our “extras” network are doing alright too. That said, it’s still a tough time right now for our friends upstate with so many road closures and various local businesses and suppliers affected by the storm. So if you’ve ever been curious about ordering things like granola, frozen meats, yogurt, pickles, bulk corn meal, and much more, now would be the time to support these local providers of delicious foods! Click on the “extras” tab above for info on how to order.

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