Totally, free food. At our spring kick-off tomorrow: Saturday 5/21, 1:15 – 2:30 pm, at the garden on the back patio.

Ted is driving many hours from his farm down to the city to meet new and returning members and share news about how the veggie crops are doing so far, and to provide a general update on the goings on at Windflower Farm.

Alan of Lewis Waite Farm is joining us as well to talk about the vast array of non-produce items that can be ordered through us a la carte–think pork kielbasa, semi-aged goat’s cheese, granola, sparkling cider, chutney, and more. He’ll have samples of all of those things to share!

Molly will tell us how Hot Bread Kitchen‘s mission to empower low-income women sets them apart from other bakeries. As if the tastiness of their breads and crackers doesn’t speak for itself! Samples will be on hand.

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