To tide you over

Yes the CSA is mostly in hibernation until we kick off summer distributions in June (info on enrolling is coming SOON!), but you can still order a la carte extras until then–click on the “Pastured Meat and Poultry” link in our blogroll to the right.

Extras order deadline: Monday, March 14th
Extras distribution: Saturday, March 19th

Anyhow, here’s what’s been happening upstate at Lewis Waite Farm recently:

The above photo shows one of our guinea hens on the roof, most likely scared up there by a dog. Don’t worry, the peep peeps come down again!

Today was moving day at the North Barn. We have two large walk in freezers for the beef and they are on opposite sides of the barn. We work in the heated part of the building called the ‘middle bay’ and the big freezer is in the ‘west bay’ and the slightly smaller freezer is in the ‘east bay’ with all of the chest freezers for the pork, turkey and chicken. We had been using the big freezer for all the beef until last Thanksgiving when we turned the walk-in cooler into a freezer to hold all of the turkeys. Since then it has been the storage area for any extra boxes of beef, like all the ground beef, of which there are about 8 or 10 boxes from each batch of beef that comes back from the butcher. When the storage items became a wall of boxes, Caroline decided we need to swap the freezers. Use the smaller one for the active items (we generally keep one kind of cut in each box) and then use the larger one for the ground beef and extra boxes of steaks and roasts to ensure we are always rotating our cuts. In October, November, and December we began stocking up for the winter months when we do not go the butcher. The stock we have now must last through the May deliveries.  So it took us a partial day of planning and then today Caroline, Amie and I got out the wagons and hand carts and moved a whole bunch of 30 to 40 pound boxes for 4 hours. If we handled each box twice, once onto a cart or wagon, and then once off and onto the shelves, we have moved 11,600 pounds today (and some we had to shuffle about 3 times!). That is 5 and a half tons of lifting for the three of us and one and a half tons each! I think we’ll be tired tonight. I really hope we feel much more organized tomorrow!!

The lovely fluffy snow we had a few weeks ago is slowly shrinking into rock hard mounds. The snowshoeing days may be over and I thought one day last week I would have to pull out the ‘yaktraks’ and attach them to the bottom of our boots so we would not be skating! Tonight another polar front is expected and we are all wondering when the sun will finally beat out the cold, cold days. I am really feeling the cabin fever effects lately. Even though I got in two afternoons of skiing last week at Middlebury Snow Bowl and Sugarbush, the feeling is still haunting me and making me crabby some days! Oh for warmth, sunshine, swimming, gardening, spring snow drop bulbs, and small signs of spring. It is coming I know but…..  you all must be quite ready too!

Take care and be well,
Nancy and Alan

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