Mary has a lamb–for you!

We want to make sure you know about lamb–available for a la carte ordering from Bob & Mary at Elihu Farm. Will be delivered on February 12th along with the rest of our final winter distribution of the season.

Cuts of Lamb. Our 2010 lambs have grown well, and we’re offering limited quantities of selected cuts to you for delivery Feb. 12. Ted’s generously offered to deliver.

We’ve been raising lambs since 1986, and raising them on pasture for all that time with supplements of small amounts of locally grown, whole shelled, and salt and minerals. They can graze for as much as eight months of the year. When the pasture is eaten or buried by snow, we feed them hay or baleage (an ensiled version of hay) from our own land, or purchased from a nearby farmer.

If you’re interested and have questions or want to order, please email, or call 518-753-7838, or 518-744-3947. We’d appreciate receiving orders by Tuesday, February 8. I’ll email you a bill before delivery, and enclose that bill with your order.



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