Ever wonder how the animals at Lewis Waite Farm stay warm in the winter? Farmers Nancy & Alan shed some light, below!

The cattle typically don’t care about entering our barn areas unless they can find some juicy hay morsels or are experiencing strong winds, temperatures under 10 degrees F, heavy rains, wet snow or some combination of these conditions. On Sunday afternoon they were waiting for us to let them into the barnyard, calf shed and south shed. Lawrence, a yearling, stared at Nancy as he wished for the comfort she gave him when he was a young bottle-fed calf. Leader Girl stood patiently and wisely as we closed the 18 foot gate, opened the short gate, opened the north gate of the south shed, ran a short temporary electric fence to the house field westerly fence and then finally opened the barnyard’s west gate. Leader Girl then marched into the barnyard and through the westerly gate and into the south shed in a very business like manner as she had a large following behind her. We knew they were thankful even though not a single one of our dear friends as much as winked at us.

The pigs seem to enjoy winter especially after a hearty meal. They just can’t resist a good nap as they cuddle up to each other in their vast hay nest. When it is really cold all you can see is their little noses sticking up from their hay mound as they somehow pull the hay cover over their heads.

It has been peaceful here watching the snow yesterday and today, once we tended to the animals, we absorb the heat from the wood stove and finally relax as winter envelopes us. We hope you all get a chance to relax and enjoy winter as we do!

Happy New Year to All!


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