Wet chickens!

To us, last week’s downpours may have meant nothing more than piles of umbrella skeletons strewn about the city after the fact, but the residents of Elihu Farm (where our eggs come from) have a different take:

Wonderful rains, and more rain, and even more came on Thursday into Friday morning. We had mostly dribbles on Thursday, which wet the ground. When the deluge came overnight, about four more inches, the ground was ready to absorb a lot of it. Our water holes have filled up, making it easier to provide some of the sheep with water. The spillway for big pond behind the barn isn’t running yet, which also tells me that much of the rainfall soaked in. The pastures and hay fields looked greener this morning.

The poor hens were drenched, because the door to their Chick Inn blew open. The inside stayed fairly dry, and I spread another bale of ‘bedding hay.’ We snagged about 300 bales of two-year old, very mature hay from a neighbor’s barn, at a very low price, because he wanted to use the space for another purpose. This saves a bundle, because straw would be cost least three times the price. The hay isn’t as absorbent of water as straw, but it contains a lot of clover and grass seeds which provide amusement and some nutrition to the hens.

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