Round out your meals

Are you interested in purchasing things besides produce, alongside the share(s) you already have coming? Things like flour, sausage, yogurt, dried beans, jam, goat cheese, and the like? If so, head over to our “Extras” tab up top to learn more. Nancy and Alan, the farmers we collaborate with to get these add-ons to you, recently updated us on the state of affairs on their farm upstate:

We’ve been working on our long term fencing plans and have almost finished the new cow lane across the Lewis farm pasture that is one side of the new pig pasture six acre area. The pigs are due to have their first visit tomorrow after their lane is connected between the barn where they sleep at night and the pasture up on the hill. Their view will be awesome across the Hudson Valley to the west and they’ll see the outline of the peaks of the Adirondacks to the northwest. They’ll have lots of grass, lots of woods, and a year round spring for drinking and taking their mud baths. We’ll have the opening parade with treats in buckets to lure them up the hill. Hopefully this will cure the piggy who gets out every night and eats all the leftover dog food in the upstairs of the barn.


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