The latest from upstate

Here are some tidbits from Nancy & Alan of CSA Pastured Meat & Poultry:

The preparation for fall and winter has just about begun so it is really great that we finally have gotten our hay all done! We have about half our acreage baled in the white wrapped baleage, fermented like sauerkraut. The other half is dry round bales a good 4 feet tall and wide. We also have 5 other farms where we hay and with our old 1950’s tractors going at the full speed of 12 miles per hour, one of the farms takes about and hour to drive to and a bit more with a fully loaded hay wagon to come back. So right now we have bales all over and we’ll be driving back and forth between fields bringing hay home this week. Thankfully the last week of weather fully cooperated with the haying program (it can’t rain on the loose hay) and we got it all done nicely.

We are cleaning out the root cellar to begin stacking in potatoes, our braided onions and lots of bunches of great garlic! It is hard to believe the season has rolled around already and is starting to be dark very early and getting cooler every night. The wild apples are ripening everywhere, the pears in our yard and our neighbor’s yard too are falling from the trees and the fall raspberries are just luscious! Harvest time – it seems the only time it is not really busy around here is winter but you can make yourself busy then too!!


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