The latest from Lewis Waite Farm

Below are some excerpts from Nancy Brown’s engrossing farm update–a little peek behind the scenes at Lewis Waite Farm, where the “extras” that you order on an a la carte basis come from:

It is always a wonderful boost when family and friends come to help on the farm in the spring and summer. There is so much to do that we cannot always keep up with all of the possibilities. The weeds in the perennial gardens are always the lowest priority, luckily most of the gardens are mature enough to keep their own territory somewhat weed free. The red currants are ripe for the picking, the blueberries are starting to turn blue and our vegetable garden is finally weed free and fully mulched. Beverly and Judy both spent busy working days here either weeding or helping with our last delivery. Stacy from Astoria Arrow also spent a day helping with mulching and weeding and the daily herd checks. The deliveries are every week now, one week on Thursday, the next week on Tuesday and the next week on Thursday again. Between packing for deliveries (which takes days), we are also getting back new batches of beef, pork, chicken and turkey which are all stored here. They are all inventoried, weighed, packed in their respective freezer space and entered into our spreadsheet inventory by Chris where we track every piece. Never a dull moment!

When my niece Laura returns again mid July, her favorite pastime will likely be with our new orphan calf. We border a dairy farm on our northern edge and last year a heifer got out and joined our herd for a month. At our monthly roundup we caught her but she escaped from the barnyard before Eddy could come and get her. So she spent another month with our herd. Last week Eddy called to say that she had given birth to an all black bull calf looking suspiciously like an Angus! So he asked if we would buy him. Since dairy farms separate their calves from their mothers very soon after birth, the calf has come to live at the farm in a big stall to make it easy to feed him his half gallon of milk multiple times per day. Once he can recognize us and will come to us out in the pasture, we plan to let him out with the herd where maybe some sympathetic cow will adopt him. We have already seen one cow letting 2 calves drink from her abundant supply of milk so we are hoping to try this soon.

We are happy to announce the addition of Jams and Chutneys from Beth’s Farm Kitchen. We are trying ten flavors to begin and hope to add more from the 61 products they produce. The website is if you’d like to see more about their wonderful products. You can always find the links to the farms on the website under the Farms choice on the top menu.


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