About the bread

Below are some greetings and tips from our pals at Hot Bread Kitchen:

Thank you for supporting Hot Bread Kitchen’s bread share program. With your help, we are able to teach artisan baking skills, English language classes and business skills to even more women.

We are looking forward to providing you our tasty breads for the entire summer and fall seasons!

Delivery dates:
June 25
July 9
July 23
August 6
August 20
September 3
September 17
October 1
October 22

Caring for the breads you love:
Artisan breads peak in flavor within two hours of being baked. Since we deliver CSA breads within hours of baking, make sure to take a bite when you pick up your share! That said, we do not advocate eating an entire loaf on Thursday night. So here are a couple of guidelines for longer storage…

We provide paper bags for your breads. Storing your bread in a paper bag will help preserve the crust. However, if you want to enjoy your loaf over several days, it is best to store it in a plastic bag. This will ensure that the loaf stays soft and sliceable.

To bring back the crust, put your loaf in a 375 degree oven for 5-10 minutes (7 minutes for your multigrain). Let the re-crisped bread cool a few minutes before cutting.

Also, our breads freeze well! Place in a plastic bag to prevent drying, thaw it in the open bag, crisp as described above. Never store bread you love in the fridge.

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