Winter distribution coming up–12/13

The next winter distribution will be on Saturday, December 13th, 12-1pm (not 5:30-7:30, which is what you erroneously may have been lead to believe from reading some non-current information elsewhere on the web). This distribution is for Windflower Farm, Winter Sun Farms, and Elihu Farm shareholders, as well as for any of our past or present members who are getting “extras” (order deadline: Monday, December 8th at midnight).

Here’s an update from Nancy of CSA Pastured Meat and Poultry:

It is Sunday. Alan is brushing hogging a neighbor’s field on this overcast day in anticipation of helping it to someday be a worthy hayfield for us. He brought out the first bales of hay for the cows this morning. They are still eating grass but it is not growing back again any longer so the time had come to get out the big round hay feeders so the cows won’t trample their hay and plop the big round bales inside. We refreshed their mineral, kelp and salt feeder. They do really like the kelp supplement; it is always the first thing gone of that and the mineral salt and plain salt. We had our last calf of the season this week from his mom Gilly, we now have Gilligan! He has an older brother named Gilbert. She’s black with a white face and trimmings and he’s all tan, like the bull, with a white face. We hope the winter does not start out too cold for the little one (who weighs about 80 lbs!). It’s snowing here now and the ground is just barely covered so far.


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