Documentary shoot on July 10th

One of our members is working on a documentary film, and she is kindly requesting our cooperation on an upcoming shoot that will be taking place during our distribution on Thursday, July 10th. Please read below.

Hello Fellow CSA Members!

I am a filmmaker and mom, and my current project is a documentary about kids and food politics. Over the course of the past year, my 11 year-old daughter and her best friend have been exploring where their food comes from and their place in the food chain. They’ve interviewed friends and farmers, visited grocery stores, and restaurants, consulted experts and even interviewed Borough President Scott Stringer! Next on their agenda is to get a good look at a CSA, a great model for supporting locally grown food.

We’d like to film the girls as my family picks up our CSA share on July 10th, and to hear any of your thoughts about CSA’s and why you are members. We hope to stay out of your way as much as possible as we film, and please let us know if you would NOT like to be filmed and we will certainly accommodate. Looking forward to the 10th!

Catherine Gund
What’s On Your Plate?


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