A post about compost

We’ve had a lot of inquiries in past seasons about the possibility of starting a compost program within the garden, and we’re now ready to move ahead with the venture. Question is, if we purchase a pair of “Urban Compost Tumblers” (like what Granny is using below) would they be put to good use by you, our members? Please leave us a comment on this post letting us know if you would be interested in bringing in your vegetable scraps on Thursdays for composting. It would mean a great deal less waste going to the landfill from your household, and it would be a real benefit to the garden in the form of all that nitrogen-rich material eventually being added to the soil.

A hassle-free way of storing organic scraps is to collect them in a bag or plastic container in your freezer throughout the week—no smell, no mess. If we can get more than a dozen shareholders to express interest in participating in a compost program, then we will go ahead with this. So please leave comments, or drop us an email!


12 responses to “A post about compost

  1. Irit and Rainer

    We would contribute our compostables.

  2. stantonstreetcsa

    Good point, Russell. We’ll take that into consideration when we’re making our plans.

  3. Would there be any provision to drop off compost outside of the evening Thursday CSA pickup hours? I think a significant number of people go straight from work to the CSA pickup on Thursdays, and taking frozen compost to work might be… problematic.

    I use the 7th St Ecology Center on weekends now for compost but would commit to Stanton if drop-off scheduling allowed it.

  4. I am a compost fiend. I set up a bin in my parents’ backyard in Flushing but I can’t always make it out there on the weekends. I would be happy to contribute to the CSA tumblers (possibly Bill would be interested too) and I would be happy to volunteer for compost committee, schedule permitting.

  5. I would happily contribute compostables.

  6. Jesse and I would love to bring in our compostables.

  7. Mike and I would compost there – we currently drop at the market or 7th street.
    we love compost

  8. for sure, freezer works great. can’t wait to compost.

  9. What Charlie said.

  10. I would get scrappy on the compost for sure.

  11. Lucinda & Christina

    Sounds great to me, tho what about the Whole Foods compost idea?

  12. Yes!!! Adam and I are on board for compost.