You are cordially invited…

Firstly, thank you for your patience as we sort out all of the little logistical details that ensure a smooth upcoming distribution season. We now have three things to share with you:

1. Our offical enrollment kick-off coincides with our annual presentation by Ted Blomgren of Windflower Farm. He’s driving down to the city to do a short talk about organic farming techniques, stories from Windflower Farm, and what kind of harvest to expect this season. He’ll also be taking questions afterwards. This is a fascinating and engaging presentation! It’s at 1:30pm on Sunday, April 27th in the M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden, right where our distributions take place. We will have our brand new summer ’08 enrollment forms on hand, and immediately following Ted’s presentation and Q&A, we will accept enrollments from anybody who comes with a check in hand! We are faced with an extremely high demand for membership spots this year, and showing up to this presentation with your payment is the best way of ensuring that you will get in. Anybody who misses this event must wait until the enrollment form is uploaded onto this website on May 1st.

2. Pricing information is up! Visit the “Cost” page to learn more. Returning CSA members will notice that the cost of the veggie share has gone up by a chunk. After a good deal of deliberating amongst ourselves and with Ted, we decided that it made sense to increase the size of our veggie share, meaning that the cost had to go up a little, too. Your weekly take will be about 20% larger than it has been in years past. What this actually means is that the Stanton Street CSA veggie share size is now in line with what most other CSAs consider to be a “full share” size; what we have always offered in the past might have been considered a mini size, comparatively speaking.

3. Our new subsidized share application is available for anybody who is interested in being considered. Please drop us an email if this is you.

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