Ask us anything! No really.

We’re hosting a Q&A on zoom, where you can get all your questions answered by the CSA core group. We’re the volunteers who run this CSA, most of us have been members for years and years, and there’s honestly probably not a question you can think of to ask that we won’t know the answer to. Come join us, even just to say hi:

Saturday March 27th at 10 AM
Email us for the invite link

Greetings from farmers Ted & Jan

Ted and Jan (the kind and gentle souls with big smiles and very green thumbs who grow all of our veggies up at Windflower Farm) have written a letter intended for YOU, all of our prospective members!

Warm greetings from all of us at a cold and snowy Windflower Farm! On behalf of the entire Windflower team, I write to invite you to join us for the 2021 CSA season – our 22nd year on the farm. There is still half a foot of snow outside, but it’s going fast, spring is just around the corner, and in the warmth and sunshine of our greenhouses, tens of thousands of spring and summer vegetables are getting their start.

Members of the CSA will get 22 weekly deliveries of fresh, organically grown herbs, greens and seasonal vegetables of all kinds from our solar powered farm in the upper Hudson Valley. You’ll get bicolor sweet corn, tomatoes galore, colorful peppers, salad greens of every kind, cucumbers, carrots, squashes, red onions, shallots, broccoli, red cabbage, fingerling potatoes, fresh green beans, dill, cilantro, basil and much, much more.

This year, we’ll be working more closely with some of our neighboring organic growers both to enhance our offerings of beans, carrots and squash and to mitigate some of the risk inherent in producing everything in one place. When we do decide to make a crop purchase, it will only be from a farmer we know and whose vegetables are certified organic.

At Windflower Farm, we offer optional shares of brown eggs from the Davis’s pastured hens, and fresh fruits from our farm and throughout the Hudson Valley. New this year, we will be offering maple items from the Davis family. I am sorry to say that we will not be offering a cut flower share this year – Jan will instead be spending the year to work on a long-postponed art project.

Our veteran farm crew is returning, and most are already busy in the greenhouse. They are not only experienced and responsible vegetable growers, but they have completely embraced the new protocols around Covid-19. As a result, the team has stayed healthy throughout the pandemic and we feel we are able to deliver a safe vegetable share to you each and every week of the season.  

Our thanks to everyone who made last year’s CSA season a success. Food safety has been a primary concern of ours from the beginning. Our best management practices are informed by the latest information from the CDC and Cornell University Extension. We will continue to pre-box your shares in our safe facilities at the farm. In that way, we will be reducing the food handling chain and your exposure to risk. Your produce boxes and egg cartons can be returned to the farm to be safely reused or recycled.

Why join a CSA? You’ll get to eat the freshest of local vegetables and you’ll be exposed to some new vegetables and new ways of preparing them. You’ll develop a relationship with the farmers who grow your food and the practices they use, largely through weekly newsletters and Instagram postings ( this year, and through farm visits once the pandemic is behind us. Perhaps best of all, you’ll get to be part of a community of your neighbors with a common interest in food, health and sustainability.

We hope you’ll join us for the 2021 season, and we thank you for your generous support of our farm!

Ted and Jan Blomgren
Windflower Farm

We’re taking summer enrollments now!

Hi friends, neighbors, returning members, and everyone else who’s interested in cooking with fresh local veggies grown with love on a family farm in upstate New York. We’re excited and humbled to be providing ethically sourced, quality produce to residents of the Lower East Side for our 17th summer season! Enrollment link is here:

Veggie share cost:
$585 if you enroll by March 28
$620 if you enroll by May 2
$640 if you enroll by May 22

This summer we’ll be keeping in place the covid precautions that we implemented last summer–all members must arrive at the garden masked, shares will come pre-packaged inside cardboard boxes, and distributions will happen at the front gate of the garden instead of on the back patio.

We’re looking forward to another delicious season with all of you!

Don’t sleep on topping off your veg share with a fruit share!

Summer 2021 enrollment is opening soon!

Pricing and dates have been updated for the upcoming summer 2021 season. We’ll be taking enrollments shortly! If you’ve been a Stanton Street CSA member this past winter season or last summer season, or if you’ve reached out to us already for more information, then you’ll get our enrollment link emailed to you once it’s ready (within the next week). We’ll also be posting the link here. Keep your eyes peeled!

Now taking winter 2020/21 enrollments!

Finally, it’s that time! Sign up for our 2020-2021 winter season using this enrollment link:

** SOLD OUT **

Distribution Time and Dates

Winter distributions will take place on the following Saturdays, 12:30 – 1:30 PM:

November 21
December 12
January 9
February 6

About the winter share

Four monthly deliveries that will include approximately 2 lb. of our organically grown greens (including spinach, kale, tatsoi and Swiss chard) and 8-10 lb. of our storage vegetables (including carrots, red and yellow onions, winter squash, a variety of potatoes, beets, leeks, sweet potatoes, shallots, popcorn and more), along with 4-6 lb. of fruits, and either apple cider, Deb’s homemade jelly made from her organic berries or local honey – all packed to fit in a returnable box – for $190.00.

We are minimizing our use of PLASTIC BAGS! We’ll pack loose where we can, and use paper bags where we need packaging. Our goal will be to use zero plastic bags, but, because we want your salad greens to arrive fresh and we don’t have an alternative to plastic, we may use one plastic bag per month.

An optional EGG SHARE from neighbors raising free-range hens is also available, as is their new MAPLE SHARE.

Our deliveries are timed to coincide with the deliveries made to your CSA pickup site by Lewis-Waite Farm.