Summer season starts soon!

Our 2022 summer season enrollment period has closed–but our wait list is open! Email us to get on it.

The season begins on Thursday June 9th (that’s for full-veggie share holders and for odd-week half-veggie share holders). Even-week half-veggie share holders pick up their first shares the following Thursday, June 16th.

Full-veggie share holders pick up their goods every Thursday for 22 total distributions.
Half-veggie share holders pick up their goods every other Thursday for 11 total distributions.

Hope everyone’s looking forward to a summer full of stuff like THIS:

mid-summer vegetable bounty

It’s cold out but our bellies are full

Apple cider is part of our winter produce box share. The rest of these goodies are standalone winter shares–eggs, grains, maple, and (not pictured) mushrooms.

Our winter season is well underway! In fact, there’s just one more distribution (on February 5th) until our CSA goes into hibernation mode for a little while. Sometime in early spring we’ll be ready to start taking enrollments for our summer 2022 season–click here to make sure you get the sign-up form when it’s ready.

Winter season enrollment is full!

We’ve been informed by farmer Ted that winter shares are officially full and the Wufoo registration links are no longer active. The waiting list is pretty long at this point and unfortunately we are not able to offer any additional shares for this winter.

Winter season enrollment is open!

Our winter season is like a pared-down version of our summer season. Same high quality veggies, but leaning heavily into crops that grow in the chilly upstate temps of Windflower Farm, and monthly instead of weekly, on SATURDAYS 12:30 – 1:30 PM.

Distributions take place outdoors, in the M’Finda Kalunga Garden (just like in the summer) on these dates:

November 20
December 11
January 8
February 5

No member work-shift requirement for winter season!

Share options: veggies, eggs, mushrooms, maple, and grain. All the share details including pricing can be found here. Lewis Waite Farm a la carte extras (sauerkraut, frozen meats, tinctures, cheeses, an insane variety of pantry items, etc) can be added on as you please throughout winter season.

Wait list now open

The bad news is that enrollment is now closed. The good news is that our wait list is now open! Click here if you’d like to join it. We’ll be in touch if a slot opens up!

If somebody drops out and you get in before our first distribution on June 10th then great! If you get in at some point mid season, the cost will be pro-rated to account for any weeks that you’ve missed prior to joining.