Summer enrollment is now open!

Hiiiii everyone it’s time to sign up for a veggie share (and more!) with your friendly neighborhood CSA.


Sign up by March 26th for Early Bird pricing:
$630 for a full veg share (every week for 22 weeks)
$315 for a half veg share (every other week for 22 weeks)

You’ll see on the enrollment form linked above that in addition to a veggie share, you can also opt for a fruit share, egg share, grain share, maple share, or mushroom share. There’s tons of details all over our website as well as on the enrollment form. Go to town and feel free to email us with any questions!

It may be snowing outside but…

… we are just about ready to start enrollments for our upcoming summer season! We’ll have 22 weekly distributions (or 11 every-other-week distributions, depending on the share type you choose) running Thursdays from June 1 through October 26, 2023. Let us know if you’d like to be informed when our enrollment form goes live, or just check back here in the coming days.

Winter enrollment is open now

Hi neighbors, we’re taking enrollments for our upcoming winter season now–click below for detailed share information, dates, pricing, and to submit your actual enrollment:

FYI there is a $10 admin fee tacked on to the cost of the shares you purchase, which allows us to subsidize lower income members during the summer season, and to support various local organizations whose missions align with ours.

Happy browsing and shopping!

Winter season is around the corner…

We’re closing in on the end of our summer season–this Thursday will be week #20 of the 22 weak season. Meaning it’s time to start thinking about our upcoming winter season! Winter distributions this year will be happening once per month in November, December, and January. Enrollment link will be coming soon, and for now here’s what Farmer Ted has to say about winter season:

We finished planting our winter greenhouses on Friday morning. These are the greens that fill out the winter share. In total, we’ve planted four caterpillar tunnels and three high tunnels to a mix of choy, various kales and spinach – that’s twenty-three 140’ beds of greens. Every month, shares include a large bag of greens.

The winter share consists of three monthly deliveries that will include approximately 2 lb. of our organically grown greens (including spinach, a variety of kales and bok choy) and 8-10 lb. of our storage vegetables (including carrots, red and yellow onions, winter squash, a variety of potatoes, beets, leeks, sweet potatoes, shallots, popcorn and more), along with 4-6 lb. of fruits, and either apple cider, Deb’s homemade jelly made from her organic berries or local honey – all packed to fit in a returnable box.

This year, we will only be offering three monthly deliveries instead of four. We have fewer crops going into storage and our farm team would like some time off.

We are minimizing our use of PLASTIC BAGS! We’ll pack loose where we can and use paper bags where we need packaging. Our GOAL will be to use zero plastic bags, but, because we want your salad greens to arrive fresh and we don’t have an alternative to plastic, we may use one plastic bag per month.

OPTIONAL shares include the EGG SHARE and MAPLE SHARE from Davis Family Farm and a GRAIN SHARE from Hickory Wind Farm (please see the details below).

Our deliveries are timed to coincide with the deliveries made to your CSA pickup site by Lewis-Waite Farm.

Summer season starts soon!

Our 2022 summer season enrollment period has closed–but our wait list is open! Email us to get on it.

The season begins on Thursday June 9th (that’s for full-veggie share holders and for odd-week half-veggie share holders). Even-week half-veggie share holders pick up their first shares the following Thursday, June 16th.

Full-veggie share holders pick up their goods every Thursday for 22 total distributions.
Half-veggie share holders pick up their goods every other Thursday for 11 total distributions.

Hope everyone’s looking forward to a summer full of stuff like THIS:

mid-summer vegetable bounty